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Connection lda specialises in market research and internet marketing. Are you effectively publicising in today's new media reality?


Our Experience

Connection specialises in market research and  creative internet marketing. This includes websites, and social and viral marketing. Our team has vast International experience having comprising components that have worked in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. This collective of experiences, combined with our talented Mozambican team, ensures our clients benefit

Our Services

We cultivate the Connection between your company and the client. As market research and internet marketing specialists our team has the connection of required skills. We learn what your clients want, how they receive and digest information, and how best to get that information to them.

It's a complete company-client Connection

  Your Advantages

     + Thorough Client Research
    + Market Understanding
    + Unbeatable Value
    + Strong Internet Presence
    + International Experience

    + and more...