About us

Our Roots

Connection began operating in Mozambique as an IT company providing support services to local companies. As many of our clients expressed a need to develop their websites, and improve their internet presence Connection's growing team concentrated on developing the skills required to help Mozambican companies improve their online marketing presence. More than just SEO and market research, Connection provides a complete IT and internet marketing service - after the market is understood. Our experienced team comprises members who have worked in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Together with our motivated Mozambican staff, Connection is leading SEO, online marketing and market research in Mozambique.

Our Strengths
Connection understands the Mozambican market, we've been researching it for years. Connection also understands the changing marketing paradigm and that printed and television marketing are becoming less effective in today's internet age. Connection is able to promote our clients because we understand how they search for their products. Our strong internet background means our SEO-focused websites are instantly high ranking in the Mozambique market. This gives an instant advantage to to our clients who can build up their internet presence in a short time - something that usually can take years. Connecting with your clients in the digital age means knowing where the search, how they search, and making sure your product is placed and presented correctly.

Our Staff

Connection lda has a team of Mozambican staff with International experience. A culture of teamwork, openness is encouraged ensuring ever member can contribute with their own unique talents and energy. Our Workers of the Trimesterly can be found here