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Mozambican Hotels
Connection lda creates and maintains Mozambique's most potent Tourism Marketing Tool - Mozambican Lists. The jewel in the crown is Mozambican Hotels and associated websites. Our internet marketing is mainly in English but does not neglect the important Portuguese market with more and more Mozambicans, Angolans, Brazilians, and especially Portuguese, travelling in Mozambique every year. You can also see Acomodação Moçambicana.

The network of websites not only give travellers easy access to the best accommodation in Mozambique but the huge growth in the website is due to its extensive and extremely useful free tourist information. Mozambican Hotels and associated websites is quickly becoming the on-line reference point for all travellers to Mozambique.

Hotel Booking Management

Connection lda not only increases your bookings but we also manage them giving accommodation providers more time to concentrate on treating the guests with all the attention they need. Mozambique Tourism is growing fast and its quickly becoming an internet world. Many lodges don't have easy access to high-speed and reliable internet. Connection helps bridge that gap.

Mozambican Real Estate

Connection lda has the best Real Estate contacts in Mozambique and we are able to connect you with your property needs. Whether it be renting, buying, or selling, drop us a line and we will find you what you need. Mozambique is growing fast and property is quickly becoming a premium, don't get mislead buy rogue agents trying to make a quick buck, whether you are looking for residential, commercial, or industrial, we'll give you the full information that many others will try to hide from you.